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Fair Trade Show 2018

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Fair Trade Show

We spent the past weekend, June 4 &  5, with a special group of entrepreneurs at the Toronto Fair Trade Show. It was our first time to even attend the event, and yet there we were, hosting a booth! We met so many people, both fellow vendors and event-goers, who were very encouraging and interested in our cause for the Zabaleen. We are grateful for their feedback on the products, their generosity and their time to learn more about the Zabaleen.If you have never been to the Fair Trade Show, plan on attending next year! It’s like being at an interactive, cultural, current event museum based on improving the wellbeing of humanity. It was like taking a walk around the world, and if you took the time, you would hear the story of how lives were changed (both the vendor’s and the community they serve), admire the artifacts of innovative artisans and be encouraged that there is good in the world.