About Roota



We are a Non Profit Organization whose mission is to raise the social, educational, economical and health standards of marginalized groups in Egypt.  With our present focus on the Zabaleen of the Mokattam Mountain in Cairo, ROOTA’s  mission is:  

  • To support the APE ( Association for the Protection of the  Environment) run health and education programs for the Zabaleen women  and children in Egypt. The school’s two main components are general  education and vocational training. Children who complete the program can  move on to higher formal education. Women take literacy classes and  learn a trade for personal income generation
  • To train the Zabaleen on the proper, safe, efficient, and sanitary means of collecting, recycling, and selling their raw material
  • To foster an entrepreneurial spirit with the help of a management system and financial support by way of lending funds for business  projects
  • To provide workshops on Hepatitis B and C awareness, diabetes and anemia and to administer early detection tests for Hepatitis C
  • To teach and empower women to generate revenue  through the creative repurposing of recycled paper, fabric and various metals

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