COVID-19 & Urgent Need for Zabaleen Community

We are writing to you seeking your support in this dire situation which is affecting us all. With the fast-moving COVID19, the Zabaleen community of Egypt is beginning to face more extreme food shortages.

A good segment of this vulnerable population is day workers living from hand to mouth, relying on their daily wages. As a consequence of government orders to remain at home, these families no longer have any income; many are now forced to eat from the waste they collect and sift through trash to feed their families.

We are seeking your support to provide the basic necessities of life, including enough food for the vulnerable, especially during this difficult time. We are  looking at supporting 1000 families by providing them with L.E.400 per month equivalent to CAD30.  One hundred percent of all proceeds will go to obtaining food materials, immediately, from the local market. Trained and well-geared healthcare personnel will distribute boxes filled with food to those families in need. As this situation could not have been foreseen, we are making this very urgent, special appeal at this time to fill this need for the Zabaleen community. We thank you for any donation you can provide as well as all your continued support.